Noverra is actively seeking acquisitions for our group of companies. We deploy our own equity capital, earned from the after-tax cash flows of our Operating Businesses, giving us full flexibility to customize transaction structures to align to the goals of selling and retiring business owners. We have an indefinite investment horizon. We do not intend to sell our group companies, but rather aim to continue their proven success, and further invest in the development of the management and people over the long run, which we think of as decades into the future.


Companies with Enterprise Values up to $25M

Primary Industry Focus

  • Industrial and Consruction
  • Building or Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Construction and Industrial Equipment Distribution and Service
  • Business to Business Services

Geographic Focus

The US and Canada within 6 hours door-to-door from Vancouver, British Columbia, where we live.

Key Characteristics

  • Cash flow Generation - Minimum of $2M EBIT
  • Strong history of performance
  • Excellent business reputation with customers and employees
  • Strong core management practices and people
  • 100% ownership is not required

In the right situations, we will explore partnering with an owner looking to exit their business in stages; a minority owner seeking a partner to enable the buy-out of their majority owner; or an Executive seeking a partner for a Management Buy-out

What We Bring to Transitioning Business Owners

  • Financial Capacity to Close: we deploy our own equity, earned through cash-flow generation of our group of companies, providing the financial capacity to close successfully without the complexity and time span of sourcing outside equity capital
  • Flexibility: given we deploy our own equity capital, and have indefinite investment horizons, we have flexibility to create transition structures that align to the goals and objectives of various exiting business owners
  • Strategic Support: for businesses who’s senior management, outside of the transitioning owner, are not currently at the level where they can be fully strategically and financially responsible for the company, reporting directly to financial owners or a board, our Support Services provide the assistance required to successfully lead the company, thereby enabling a transition that may otherwise be challenging for a retiring business owner
  • Leadership Development: we have a bias towards developing the existing team, as opposed to transitioning in new management; and therefore, the management teams and key staff can continuing to have the opportunity to develop their careers, as opposed to being transitioned along with the retiring business owner