Our experience is that many business owners who are seeking retirement have built strong core management teams but the business strategy and financial leadership of the company has remained with the business owner.

In these situations, although the management teams may be able to take responsibility for the full commercial operations (sales and service / product delivery), there is not someone who can be principally responsible for the full company performance over the long run including strategy design and financial leadership. Our active approach to participating in the strategic leadership of our group companies fits very well in these situations.

We are not a private equity fund or passive financial investor. We are deeply involved in the strategy development and financial management of our group companies, and proactively support and develop our Operating Executives and Management Teams.

The support we provide is tailored to the specific needs of the transitioning company, the exiting business owner and the Management Team in place, but often involves:

  • Proactive leadership of business strategy design
  • Facilitation of straight forward strategic alignment tools, which enable clear alignment from the owners, through the senior executives, the management team and staff
  • CFO Level financial leadership across financial reporting, financial controls, business performance management, banking relationship management, and insurance program management
  • Special Projects support or leadership for initiatives targeting growth, people development, financial or administrative management, or new strategic programs
  • Proactive Leadership Development of the executives, managers and key staff driving the future results of the company